Hi! My name is Agnieszka and this blog is a diary of my journey to becoming more creative. I focus mainly on writing short stories and documenting my sewing makes as well as parts of our daily life and travels.

Over the years I had started a few blogs on a variety of topics (there was even one on career advice – I work as a headhunter after all…). They all died of neglect several posts in. And they all had one in common – I followed „how-to-blog” advises on writing only what other people want to read about. Guess what? You need to have a lot of self-discipline and stamina to persevere on that route. And ideally no other job.

So on this blog, I decided to do things differently. I will write only about the things I enjoy writing about. Maybe there will be somebody, besides my husband, who will enjoy reading about them as well.

I am on maternity leave now, which I think for many women is a time to figure out what they miss in their daily working lives. It must be these long nursing-in-the-night sessions…

I do like my job, but I’ve always missed the creative element, as it tends to be quite formal-business driven. As a result, I tend to think that I am not a creative person. So my goal with documenting my creative endeavours on this blog is to get a good overview of how creative I can be. Let’s see how that goes!